Table Service Course – 10hrs

The Master School of Bartending –  MSB Canada will set you to become a skilled  Professional Table Server with the aim of being gainfully employed in the premiere establishments in Montreal or internationally.

With over 80 years of combined table service professional experience our instructors will train you to work in restaurants, hotels, catering, butler services and more.  All of this, in a lively simulated restaurant.  The 10 hour course covers the art of serving food, wines and champagnes.  As well as the use of professional equipment and appropriate glassware.



Table-service is a hands-on profession which needs to be taught in a restaurant environment with the use of professional equipment and materials. Such as :

  • Napkin folding
  • Serving at the table
  • Tray carrying
  • Table clearing
  • Order taking
  • Table side sales techniques


This individual is responsible for taking orders from the customer and serving the customer with high quality service that start with a friendly greeting and query for immediate needs. The server provides the patrons with menu information, preparation methods, specials, wine pairings, takes orders – both food and drink, interacts with the kitchen staff, serves the food and beverages, performs side duties as needed.

The restaurant business is a hospitality business.  Customer service is of PRIME importance.   Each position is accompanied by specific lists of duties and one must master every task on the duty description.

  • Fine Dining
  • Bistro/Trattoria
  • Family
  • Professional work ethics,
  • Employment opportunities,
  • How to adapt to different work environments,
  • Employer expectations,
  • Dining room standard set up
  • Workstations, console and pantry set ups
  • Professional apparatus and equipment
  • Dishes, glassware, and porcelains.
  • Most sought after styles
    • Breakfast
    • Standard
    • Fish and seafood
  • Napkins folding
  • Serving at the table
  • Tray carrying
  • Table clearing
  • Order taking
  • Table side sales techniques
  • Specifics on :
    • Aperitifs,
    • Appetizers,
    • Main course,
    • Wines,
    • Deserts,
    • Coffees


Styles of Service and Basics

Also known as American service combines the service methods of several traditional forms that originated in two or more countries.

  • Soup,
  • Plates,
  • Tea rooms,
  • Sandwiches .
  • Formal,
  • Supper clubs,
  • Hotels & restaurants,
  • Table side service,
  • On wheels,
  • Service utensils,
  • Serving ,
  • Platter service,
  • Chafing dishes &
  • Banquet.
  • Restaurant

Modification of Canadian /American service.



  • Breakfast,
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The details:

  • Sections or station planogrammed
  • Salt, pepper, napkins, china, silver, or linen.
  • Preset – prior to seating guests
  • Glasses and silverware
  • The cover size
  • Roll-ups


  • Code of sanitation and cleanliness in
  • F&B (food & beverage) safe


Offered at our schools in Montreal and Quebec City.  Enrollment in the course includes materials, equipment and the student handbook.

The Master School of Bartending – MSB Canada courses are Tax deductible. The Master School of Bartending – MSB Canada is affiliated with the premiere hospitality job placement platform

One simple initial deposit of $50 is all that is required to reserve your place in our upcoming class. The balance of the amount is payable by installments during your course.

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