Flair Master – Level I & II – 10hrs

We also offer Flairtending for those who wish to take bartending to the next level.

Flairtending is more than being able to conjure countless drinks but teaches you the showman skills you need to impress your customers before their first sip.

Our Flair program will ensure you get the proper practice and training you need to work with an energetic confidence that will draw crowds to your impressive skills.

MSB believes that flairtending is practical and ideal for those who wish to draw in more customers while making great money.

MSB’s Flair Master level I & II Course consists of 10 hours of professional foundation. Our graduates have taken this foundation, practiced repeatedly, and are evaluated by our professional instructors.

There is tremendous demand for bartenders with Flair talent.

We encourage all our serious career seeking bartenders to enroll in our premiere Flair foundation practices.

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