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Job Opportunities

A 30-hour bartending course opens the door to many job opportunities. The methods used in class mimic that of the professional hospitality industry and taking the course is equivalent to do a six-month internship at Club Med. Over a hundred of cocktail recipes are taught during the course. Not only will you learn how to mix basic cocktails as martinis and cosmopolitans but also everything from cafés flambés, exotics cocktails and shooters.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma and a certification card that are accredited by the Ministry of Employment and Solidarité Emploi Québec. These will allow you to apply in diverse establishments that serve alcohol as bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Still haven’t found something by yourself? A job referral might be the solution. All of our students have access to a personalized placement service for just a few more dollars. This might be your chance to work in places you never even dream of, on a cruise to an exotic island for example, or in the trendiest new hot spots that are looking for staff.


What Is Necessary To Take The Course

The wonderful thing about taking a bartending course is that anyone can join. There is no pre-requisite, you just need to be 18 or older since real alcohol is used and can be tasted. 18 is also (l’âge légal) to work in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol in Montreal.

The course is not only for passionate people that just want to extend their knowledge but also for beginners that really want to pursue a professional bartender career. The “international aspect” of the course allows graduates to work overseas, for Club Med, on cruises, etc. It appeals people from all over the world as it is becoming more and more common to see students from France, United Kingdom and even Japan taking the course.

With just a pen in hand, you are now ready to take the course. A booklet will be handed to you on the first day of class and shaker kits are available throughout the practical part of the course for you to mix cocktails yourself. Varieties of bar equipment, glassware and The Master’s Guide can be bought on site at our boutique and online on

Bartending Tips/Income

Being a bartender can be a very good job with a great income. You can earn an average of $49,000 per year. A bartender may be promoted or take other jobs in a restaurant with higher salaries. A Sommelier is someone who helps pair wine with food; and can make anywhere from $29,000 to $80,000.

Typically a bartender earns an average of $5.00 to $8.00 per hour. Tips are where a bartender earns the majority of his/her income. It is a general rule of thumb that a bartender should earn 2-4 times their hourly salary. Therefore, if your base salary is $6.00 per hour you should earn in tips about $12.00 to $1800 per hour in tips. A bartender in an average bar can earn $15.00 to $30.00 per hour with both wages and tips.

I’m sure many of you have sat in a bar, ordered a couple of drinks and left a $3.00 to $5.00 tip. That is just what happens in a matter of minutes. While your bartender is waiting on you he also serves a few more people and makes a few more dollars. All in a matter of 5 minutes or so, he may have earned $10 – $15.00.  I know you think that’s only a couple of bucks. You’re right but this goes on for most of the night and the bartender waits on hundreds of people which add up to hundreds of dollars in just a few hours.

The trick to making good money is to work in a busy bar that has good clientele and serve as many drinks as you can while still providing great customer service. Try to get the best shifts and be professional, responsible and honest.

Its also a good idea to be friendly with the customers, getting to know them and their drink habits. Add a smile or a joke with a well made drink. Get chummy, ask questions, talk up popular subjects such as sports with the men; compliment the women on their attire. Make their visit to your bar station a fun and entertaining experience.

Why Go To A Bartending School?

It is not required for a bartender to be licensed, but many restaurants require completion of classes to avoid liabilities. It is important for the bartender to have knowledge of alcohol and its effects. Bartenders need to know how to serve alcohol responsibly. In addition, going to bartending school makes an applicant competitive. You should learn the legal responsibilities, health and safety concerns in the workplace. Some schools offer an additional certification for this study as well.

Generally, when you attend classes at an established bartending school you are not only learning from experienced bartenders, you are learning form owners and school teachers. These instructors have worked in the field as bartenders and know what to teach their students and what to prepare them for.

Bartending schools offer hands on training. Since a great bartender learns from experience hands on really helps. Bartend.CA is a school that also teaches Theory involving the alcoholic beverage. Some customers want to know where a drink originated and the history behind its creation.  Sharing this knowledge with the client is a good way to get to know the client and make regular customers who increase your tip potential.

At Bartend.CA all of the Masters School of bartending instructors are professional, experienced and very supportive. They provide our graduates with the up to date bartending training and the speed skills needed to work in any establishment. In addition theyll teach you all the tricks that will help you advance quickly in this career.

Bartend.CA also offers a Speed course in which the student learns to make many drinks very fast. This is a valuable skill especially in service type  bars where a waiter or waitress has many drink orders and you must be able to keep up with the continuous demand for high quality, quickly made drinks. You will be taught to prepare, serve and taste the drinks in a real bar setting simulating the real work experience.

Many employers will be more likely to hire a person with the certification then hiring someone off the street who has only worked as a bar back or no experience at all .Some of the schools offer job placement  programs to assist the graduate in finding lucrative bartending positions.

Bartending schools usually have requests from local bars for last minute hiring. Many times a busy bar will have one or two bartenders call in sick on a busy Saturday night and they urgently need a trained bartender. You stand a greater chance of snagging up a lucrative gig when you are listed as a graduate with a bartending school.

When you receive your certification from a bartending school you will walk out with the confidence in yourself and you will be able to apply the skills learned in the classrooms to the real life and your true earning potential.

Why Go To An Older More Established Bartending School?

The more established bartending schools have the highest degree of teaching methods, more experienced instructors and the graduates are more recognized in the industry. They offer the most top quality and comprehensive training courses.

An older, more established bartending school is more likely going to provide the best training in all the latest bar techniques and mixology. The students will learn in a real bar atmosphere with professional bar tools and glasses, mixing equipment and  real lfe atmosphere.

An Established School Has A Broader Curriculum

The older, more established schools, like Bartenders.CA offers a variety of different classes including table service, shots and shooters, bartending, flair bartending, wine tasting, and etiquette.

The more established schools, like Bartenders.Ca have the best instructors.  Such as our featured instructor Ronnie Laliberte who has over 30 years experience as a professional in the hospitality industry. Ronnie has worked as a Maître D, bar manager and bartender in prestigious restaurants in Canada.

Experience Matters: An Older Bartending School Can Show You The Way

Older bartending schools have the experience to guide you through a range of issues such as professional etiquette, product knowledge and alcohol awareness. These ideals provide the graduate with the skills necessary to effectively and responsibly meet the demands of this thriving industry.


Types of Bartending Jobs

Bartending is a wide spread field with many job options available. If you are interested in becoming a professional bartender but where not sure of your income possibilities or what type of bartending jobs are out there; read on….


Country Clubs

I have many friends in the industry and they all have different stories to tell. Some bartenders would prefer to work in a Country Club type atmosphere where they would dispense drinks all night or day to the waiting cocktail waitress or waiter. Fast paced drink making, fairly robotic and not too much interaction with customers. This type of bartender will earn the majority of his income from the establishment who employs him as an hourly wage and probably splits the tips with all the drink servers.

Neighborhood  Bars & Restaurants

Another bartender might work at the neighborhood bar or pub and serve to a regular local crowd, yeah, like in the sitcom, Cheers. This bartender is very social and makes his money by being the popular or funny and an entertaining guy/girl to a fun and oft times a rowdy crowd. Good tip money in this type of venue. He/she works somewhat hard but has lots of fun.

Night Clubs & Tourist Destinations

In the busy tourist or night club scene bartenders handle large amounts of volume and pour, pour, pour, all night long. These types of bartending jobs require you to move at a very fast pace for hours. There is potential to make great tip money but you must have the energy to keep up with the fast pace.


A bartending career at a high end hotel, like The Omni Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile here in Montreal, etc. These bartenders are top of the line professionals. A clean crisp uniform, neat bar area, and excellent drink making skills are required. The rewards of these types of bartending jobs can be incredible. You can meet interesting high profile people who tip well and who generally have nice manners. These establishments usually have a nice employment package with insurance benefits and regular shifts. They usually pay on the higher end of the scale of hourly wages for hotel and restaurant venues and good tips that are usually shared and included in your paycheck. It is not unheard of to make $50,000+ per year in this career choice.

Cruise Ships

Bartending Jobs - Cruiseship BarsOne of my best friends works on a cruise ship as a bartender. He usually works the same station and has the waiters, servers, and cocktail people constantly visiting his bar area. He is a flexible type of bartender who can converse with new people who are on the ship for the first time and have questions about drinks and the different ports of call. He makes his money from the cruise line but also receives lots of cash in tips, plus he gets to travel to all the various ports. Cruise line also often offer good benefits as well. The downside is he is somewhat captive on the ship most of the time and usually gets burned out after 6 months and must go home for a monthly visit or get “cabin fever”.

Private Parties

Private party bartenders have a great time and a lot of opportunity for making cash on a part time basis. You can usually work for yourself and name your own jobs. Most parties are at night allowing you to work a day job if you choose. Some private party bartenders get invited to what is called “guest parties” where the main person at the party is a famous actress or actor and you meet many important people. The connections can be invaluable. You can get paid a flat rate from the host of the party and also get lots of cash tips. If you are lucky they might even offer you a drink!

Resorts & Beach Clubs

Bartending Jobs - Resort BarsResorts are interesting venues for your career as a bartender. At a resort you could live in a beautiful place with local color and become wildly popular with the locals which can lead to good regular tips. You may offer advice for vacationers, newlyweds, party animals and so forth. Since you live close by you know all the best spots for having a good time; popularity always pays well in tips. You also meet all types of lonely people looking for romance. In this venue it wouldn’t matter much how much the hourly wage is. You can always count on your charming personality and good advice to keep the tip jar overflowing.

The possibilities are endless as there are bars in all types of settings all over the world. Getting trained as a certified bartender opens up this world as you can apply for the bartending jobs of your choice in the location of your dreams.

In as little as 30 hours you can become fully trained to work in any of these bartending jobs. The sooner you get the experience you need the sooner you can get to work!

Check out the International Master Bartending Course Level I & II for details.



Should We Tip Bartenders?

Written by: LaBlaq Creativ

The concept of tipping is very controversial. In fact, Shake Shack founder and restauranteur, Danny Meyer, made waves when he famously decided to end tipping in his restaurants.


“Tipping is actually one of the biggest hoaxes ever pulled on an entire culture, the American culture,” according to Danny Meyer.


“Tipping started in our country right after the Civil War. And the restaurant industry, as well as the Pullman train car industry, successfully petitioned the United States government to make a dispensation for our industries that we would not pay our servers. But it wasn’t considered slavery because we would ask our customers to pay tips and therefore no one could say that they were being enslaved.


“And no surprise, but most of the people who were working in service professional jobs and restaurants and in Pullman train cars were African American,” he added.


However, what Meyer doesn’t realize is that the institution of tipping is in fact global.


Africa: Ten to 15 per cent-the bill may include a service charge.
Australia: A small tip is a good way to show appreciation
China: Tipping is not required or expected, but it is common at hotels and restaurants frequented by Western tourists. Note: Tipping is very common in Hong Kong.
Egypt:  five to ten per cent on top of the five to ten per cent service charge.
France: Service charge is included on the bill
Spain: A tip of between seven and 13 per cent
Thailand: Tipping is not a requirement, but 20 baht is acceptable.


Tipping should not be the primary motivation for great service and the Master School of Bartending helps train in customer service skills.


If you are looking for a career change or simply need a part-time job attending the Master School of Bartending-MSB, is the perfect investment in your new career to ensure you get a new job! Our classes are located in metro-accessible locations. We are currently accepting students! Feel free to look at our course schedules to get an understanding of what topics will be covered.


How much does a bartender make?

Written by: LaBlaq Creativ

The yearly salary for a bartender is roughly $30,000 annually. However, a bartender takes in much more thanks to their tips, which are normally undocumented and frequently fluctuate.


This is because at a high-end restaurant or nightclub drinks are pricier, and the clientele is more willing to throw around some cash. At higher-end places like these a bartender might expect to bring home no less than $200 per night in tips alone!


That will skyrocket the estimated take home pay to $45,000 – $73,000.


Tips will vary depending if you work in a night club, posh hotel, restaurant and so on. For example, in a nightclub the bartender serves the client and it’s all about speed, there’s little chit chatting in a night club. The drink is served, you get your tip and that’s it “thank you very much”.


Compare this with a private club where your patron will certainly get in with you before and while you are preparing the cocktail, you can bet he/she will be chatting you up after is is served. Consequently, you will be serving way less recipes but will be receiving substantially hefty tips. In a restaurant, you’re mainly like a robot, taking orders from the waiters and cocktails get picked up by the waiters. Tips are paid to the waiters and cocktails get picked up by the waiters. Tips are paid to the waiters and then split hopefully evenly with the bar staff. Here you’ll be making less tip. Of course, many restaurants have bar stools and this is where you get the opportunity to pour on your charm to get the trophy tips.


Getting certified as a bartender is extremely important. It will set you apart from the competition and help you land a job faster. If you are looking to get certified as a bartender and get a job, contact us now for your new career.


Read What Our Former Students Have To Say

Written by: LaBlaq Creativ

The Master School of Bartending-MSB, was founded in 1981, we are proud to be the Premiere Hospitality training school. We can get you certified in the following:

  • Bartender
  • Flairtender
  • Five-star Table Service

We have successfully placed our graduates in the finest restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and cruise ships around the world.

Currently, we offer our courses in two different locations: Downtown Montreal and Quebec City. The bilingual courses offered by the Master School of Bartending ( are recognized by Employment Quebec.

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail…”
– Mark Zuckerberg

It’s easy for other schools to say they are the best, but we let our former students do the talking for us!


“Hi my name Vlad, I just finished my class at right after I got myself a job at Le Milsa as a bartender, that’s pretty cool… ”

Vlad, Montreal


“Hi, my name is Frédérique, its been a week and a half that I’ve finished my course and i landed a job as a bartender in a nightclub it took me less than 2days, i strongly recommend the school, it’s s really anazing, you learn a bunch, i made some friends, the teacher is extraordinary, i recommend the Master School of Bartending, Thank you… ”

Frédérique Lacombe, Montreal


“Hi, my name is Esthel, really helped me, I got a job at the Omni Hotel as a bartender”

Esthel, Montreal

If you are looking for a career change or simply need a part-time job attending the Master School of Bartending-MSB, is the perfect investment in your new career to ensure you get a new job! Our classes are located in metro-accessible locations. We are currently accepting students! Feel free to look at our course schedules to get an understanding of what topics will be covered.


Once you graduate our help doesn’t end. We will help you find that new job using our job hiring service at where we have partnered with some amazing employers.
So, if you are ready to line yourself a job in the industry that promises a bright and lifelong career coupled with a most interesting nightlife – call our course coordinators, that are ready to offer you all the best rebates to get you Master certified at the prestigious leading hospitality school in the nation. (800)561-1781.


What do you need to find the best Bartending job?

Bartending is a unique job the requires skill and personality to be successful. This is a job you simply cannot “fake it, til you make it”. It is imperative that you know you drinks and you know bar etiquette. Bartending requires knowledge in serving and knowing exactly how each drink taste. This includes knowing the following:

Basic cocktail recipes

As a Bartender, you will also need to know “bar theory”. There is nothing worse than a bartender that can’t recommend a cocktail, wine, or cordial. This aspect also includes being able to suggest basic wine and food pairings, cocktail and food pairings. In order to land the very best bartending jobs you must have these skills.

In fact, the interview will be all show and no talk.

An employer’s goal when making a hiring decision is very simple, their aim is to maintain current clientele and attract new clientele. This means being a bartender with both skillsets; skill and charisma, is critical to landing the job.

Many people already in the hospitality industry have the potential to be a bartender. This is why moving up from a bar back, hostess, or even waiter is more than ok to learn and observe proper bartending skills. The most important thing when landing the best bartending job is having a fantastic attitude combined with a strong skillset.

If you are looking for a career change or simply need a part-time job attending the Master School of Bartending-MSB, is the perfect investment in your new career to ensure you get a new job! Our classes are located in metro-accessible locations. We are currently accepting students! Feel free to look at our course schedules to get an understanding of what topics will be covered.

Once you graduate our help doesn’t end. We will help you find that new job using our job hiring service at where we have partnered with some amazing employers.

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