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Jesse Langlois

This class was a really great class for learning how to truly service in a bar and memorize things as memory is very important in bar tending. I really enjoyed our teacher Dimitri he was super direct and funny. Nothing went unexplained until we understood and he would repeat himself as many times as necessary accommodating both french and english students equally.

My favorite part was at the end he taught us even a little bit about mixology which isn’t even part of the course, and the importance of knowing and creating our own favorite drinks.

All in all it was a great class, lots of material and so much more than just the material in the textbook we were given. Dimitri’s experiences were able to teach us a lot as well.

Thanks for the great comprehensive class and hands-on as class!


Mathilda Pierrot

I had a great learning experience overall. Dimitri was encouraging and very informative, I couldn’t have ask for a better course!


Vince Galasso

I found the class with Dimitri to be very informative.I am pleased with the amount of knowledge and practice gained through his course and found it to be very helpful.

Was the course developed by professional bartenders?

Yes, the course was developed by more than one – in fact 3 professionals in the field and reviewed by directors of the finest schools in the hospitality industry – Master School of Bartending – MSB Inc.

What language is the course offered in?

MSB offers bilingual courses in French and English. After careful study, we have concluded that in Québec it is imperative for students to learn the art of Bartending in both languages. Needless to note that in any event, all the drink recipe names are in English.

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