MSB Bar Chef - Ben Gauthier

Ben Gauthier is a veteran bartender and mixologist with over a decade experience under his belt behind the bar. Although Ben has worked with a wide variety of drink-types and service environments, Ben has a notably strong background in cocktail creation and cocktail history.

Ben began his journey with building and serving drinks in 2008 at a private golf club in Mansonville, Qc where he refined his table service and bartending etiquette. He departed from the fine dining environment in order to pursue a more face-paced and high volume experience in popular student bars and pubs in the Eastern townships. Here, he developed and polished the essential time management and customer service skills necessary to truly excel in the trade.

In 2016, Ben began working in Montreal in cocktail-forward establishments, where he was able to perfect his craft with custom drinks, bar management and even bar flair. In 2019, excited to share his experiences and passion for bartending and mixology, Ben kicked-off his own consultancy business where he still now creates cocktail menus, spirit, wine and beer lists for Ottawa and Montreal restaurant and bar owners.

We are excited to be working with Ben and have his background in cocktail theory on our team.